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About US

What do we do?


We use games to bring strangers together. We love sharing an alternative art entertainment experience with them. We hope you can support Banana Effect, or even become part of us and play together! Theatre, media, art, culture or people just want to play.

Who are we?


We are a group of young and energetic adventurer
We always "Say Yes to Adventure" !!!


Why "Banana Effect"

Banana Effect was found by a group of energetic and young artist. Most of us have studied abroad in different art fields. We have also experienced varies of different cultures. Therefore, we are adventurous and innovative.


Banana Effect applied ourselves on introducing Immersive Game Theatre. Wishing more and more people can learn about this latest form of theatre and finding the possibilities of merging it with Hong Kong culture to make it become ours. We aimed at creating an art piece that can provide an experience exceeding our visual and auditory sensations.


Apart from making Immersive Game Theatre, Banana Effect also addressed to making art popular for everyone. We want art to be come part of people’s daily life. It’s more then just leisure and entertainment. Therefore, we did both street performances and theatrical shows. Hoping more people can learn about our ideas. We have been to harbor, beach, downtown, theatre…places that people would and wouldn’t expect, with our works that full with surprises.


We were invited to performed in Hong Kong Central Harbourfront Event Space to performed Alice in the Stuckyland. The audiences were divided into three group which they were lead to experienced an audio tour, a mace run and a long table supper. They would only experienced one of the journey above once. Therefore, it became part of the show that they discuss with others and exchange their experiences.


Our most recent work is The Game of Life. Audiences were invited to walk around and be part of the games. They experienced an audio tour, an interactive multi-media and an intimate interaction act. They would then receive different endings according to their scores.


Banana Effect has offered audiences another choice of theatrical experience. We are always ready to provide an unique and unforgettable journey to whom are on broad.

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